Blackwater NSW 4 is Operator-Designed Knife

The Blackwater NSW 4 is a short-run, commemorative knife designed and manufactured for members of the Naval Special Warfare community. Limited to 500 units in its first production, the NSW 4 was produced exclusively for the personnel who advised its final form.

The NSW 4 is our way of catering to our customers’ specific needs. Nearly a year ago, we asked a handful of NSW personnel what they wanted in a knife. We showed them big knives, short knives, fixed-blade knives and folders. Contrary to what some may think, the SEALs didn’t want a six-inch blade.

They wanted a smaller, all-black, fixed-blade sterile knife that was concealable. They wanted a highly corrosion-resistant blade with two inches of serrations, and they wanted a way to personalize the knife, a way to let everyone else know they were Naval Special Warfare.

It didn’t take long for the SEALs to hammer out a list of modifications to the DPx Gear HEFT 4 Assault, which they pored over and wanted to make their own. They liked the balance, the length, and the look, but they wanted it done their way.

So we made the NSW 4 for them. We made it out of Elmax stainless steel, added our proprietary serrations, and carved space for a customizable medallion in the handle scales.

Elmax steel is considered by many to be one of the finest blade materials available. It’s highly resistant to corrosion and wear, and holds a razor edge for extended periods. Because of its resistance to rust and pitting, Elmax steel is favored among MAROPS personnel. Because of its edge retention, it’s used in operating and emergency rooms across the country.

Powder-metallurgy-based production gives Elmax both its hardness (HRC 59) and edge retention. The NSW 4 is designed to stay sharp, and corrosion free, for a full three-month deployment. When you get home, send us the knife, we’ll grind a factory edge on it, and send it back to you.

The knife is also customizable to any specific unit or branch. For NSW personnel, that can mean name, team number, or unit insignia. The options are infinite. Give us the artwork and we’ll put it on your knife.

The Blackwater NSW 4 was designed by Robert Young Pelton and Thomas Rummici. It is manufactured by LionSTEEL in Maniago, Italy. When ordering a SPECWAR, please have proof of military service available.

This model of the NSW 4 is available only to current and former members of NSW. If you’re interested in purchasing one, please contact us at If you’re interested in having a DPx Gear HEFT 4 Assault customized, we can handle that as well.

The NSW 4 is covered by the unparalleled Blackwater Protection Policy that guarantees that professionals who register their product will never go a day without a Blackwater knife. With the Protection Policy, your knife is protected against loss, breakage, theft, defect, or any other reason.

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