The Hack Part Five: Catfish and Honey

The Hack by Robert Young Pelton Part Five

A photo submitted by Sydney Leathers to the Dirty to prove she had been sexting with Anthony Weiner and then matched up to her social media account by Buzzfeed

A photo submitted by Sydney Leathers to the Dirty to prove she had been sexting with Anthony Weiner and then matched up to her social media account by Buzzfeed

“My name is Sydney. I’m a 22 year old college student from a small town looking to move to Chicago with one of my friends. I’ll be in Chicago from Thursday the 9th, until Monday afternoon and would love to meet someone special.

I’m Seeking: Sugar Daddy

I expect: Open – Amount Negotiable

I’m looking for a discrete mutually beneficial relationship, Each person gets what they desire. How irresistible is that?”

– August 8 2012, personal solicitation placed by Sydney Leathers on the “SeekingArrangement” website. Profile Number 11332091

Lonely and on the Internet

By mid 2012, a 22-year old Leathers was selling sexual and internet based companionship services for money on sites where young women hook up with older men for money and “gifts”.

Hillary Clinton had weathered numerous sexual affairs and scandals caused by her roving husband. Not surprisingly she kept a tight grip on personal information and data. We know that Hillary Clinton knew how to handle her data and with the Benghazi controversy there was a sudden interest in the idea that she had deleted thousands of potentially incriminating emails. When she announced her run for President on April 12, 2015. There was a sense of inevitability even though she was not a popular choice. If Obama could be the first African American President, then she would be the first female president.

She would rely heavily on her inner circle of friends chief among them her top aide Huma Abedin, wife of Anthony Weiner who handled much of Clinton’s correspondence. She kept a home computer to keep backups from Clinton’s Blackberry. And it appeared shared that home laptop with her husband. A lonely and gregarious man who seemed to spend a lot of time on the internet with strangers. It was no secret that Weiner used his devices to communicate with other women but it is very important to understand how some people deliberately took advantage of that knowledge.

In April of 2011, one month before Anthony Weiner became famous as a sexter a young woman sent him a message of Facebook. According to Sydney Leathers It took until July of 2012 for him to respond with a “Poke”

By mid 2012, a 22-year old Leathers was selling sexual and internet based companionship services for money on sites where young women hook up with older men for money and “gifts”. According to TMZ who discovered Leathers’ ad in 2013, she had been doing this for three years which would sync up with sending a communication to a fairly high profile politician in New York.

A “Sugar Baby” looking for an older man or Sugar Daddy to send her money. What they got in return was up to the donor and what services were provided were up to the provider.

Leathers insisted that she never provided sex for money but provided companionship… just phone or video sex and/or photos of a sexual or non sexual nature. That wasn’t entirely true, she would later talk about meeting many of these men for sex and complain about being paid for her clients performing oral sex on her and how boring it was. Shortly after she was outed by TMZ, she provided “10 Secrets For Seducing a Politician” on how to seduce men on the internet. On July 21, 2013 she had sent screen shots to “the Dirty” to prove she was sexting with Anthony Wiener. On July 23, 2013 Buzzfeed and others revealed that she was the 23 year old woman sexting to Anthony Wiener. By August of 2013, she was doing porn for Vivid. There was little doubt about the goals and aspirations of Sydney Leathers who was billed as a “writer”

Anthony Wiener

In April of 2013,  Anthony Wiener announced he was running for mayor of New York. Weiner began as an aide to Democrate Chuck Shumer in 1985 until 1991. He spent six years on the New York City Council from 1992 until 1998. He took Schumer’s job by a narrow 258 votes in September of 1998. In 2005 he took a shot at Mayor of New York and lost.  He was most famous as the defender of 9/11 victims in a fiery August 2010 speech shortly after marrying Huma Abedin in July. Weiner was the mouthy Democrat populist from from New York. Abedin was then deputy chief of staff to Hillary Clinton in the State Department. Abedin had grown up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. “He was smart, he was passionate” she told Vogue. They were a throughly modern couple.

Huma Abedin was born in Kalamazoo Michigan in 1976, but her Pakistan-born father and India-born mother moved to Saudi Arabia to teach. Abedin came to the U.S. at 18 years old to study at George Washington University. She began working for First Lady Hillary Clinton’s Chief of Staff in the East Wing of the White in 1996. Another West Wing intern Hillary’s husband at the time was Monica Lewinsky. Huma Abedin wanted to be Christiane Amanpour and work as a journalist but she has never had another job except taking care of Hillary Clinton and her various institutions.

Abedin met Weiner on Martha’s Vineyard in 2001. He asked her out on a date. Abedin wasn’t impressed. After they began to cross paths more and more they became an item. They married in 2010. She did not know that  Anthony Weiner had a problem. He liked to chat with strangers on the internet when he was alone. Young women ideally.

Kompromat is a Russian word for comprising information. Ideally of a politician who has much to lose if the information is released. The idea is to blackmail the victim or if they have no use, end their careers. Weiner was a rising star in the Democratic party in a key part of the country. His position at the inner circle of the Clinton dynasty meant he was a threat. Bill Clinton had taken the back seat and it was clear the party was pushing his wife as a potential candidate. There was little chance the Republicans would unseat the incumbent Barak Obama and Hillary bowed out early, like in 2009, early.  If the right wing could do enough damage to the left’s inner circle. Maybe, just maybe they could make headway. Hillary Clinton, had failed in 2008, but had been handed the high profile position of Secretary of State. She had used the position to bolster her lack of experience in international politics as she and Huma Abedin traveled the world. Clinton was definitely a threat if she ran in 2016. Things looked fine.

Remember that back in May of 2011 a young Obama organizer named Sydney Elaine Leathers posted on Anthony Weiner’s Facebook page. She said she admired him and said she was “shocked and intrigued” when he “poked” her back on July 12, 2012 when she 20 as “sidneyelainexo”. For the next two years, they used a number of platforms to exchange sexual discussions, have phone sex (as often as five times a day)  and send each other nude photos on platforms that included Facebook, Formspring, Yahoo (as Carlos Danger). Leathers told “the Dirty” that by November 2012 her online relationship with Weiner relationship began to fizzle out… but she kept everything. She was surprised when Wiener texted her on April 10, 2013, to look at a massive New York Times mea culpa profile on his comeback six months before running for Mayor.

By July of 2013 she had leaked photos to the Dirty and Buzzfeed and others quickly figured out that she was the 23 year old woman who had been sexting with Anthony Wiener. Even if the scandal was a year old.

Stephanie Clifford

May 19, 2011 is also when a heavy chested porn actress named Stephanie Clifford aka “Stormy Daniels” took a polygraph test at Western Security Consultants in Las Vegas.  Clifford claimed truthfully (according to the test) that she met then married reality star Donald Trump’s at a July 16, 2006 golf tournament in Lake Tahoe  and they carried on an affair until January 17, 2007.  Her agent, Gina Rodriquez. had set up an interview with Bauer publications tabloid reporter Jordi Lippe-McGraw about a sexual encounter with reality show start Donald Trump. Gina Rodriquez a former porn actress had set up the interview for $15K with a 20% cut for herself. The former husband of Rodriquez (2006 – 2008 )was porn actor Greg Deuschle aka “Randy Spears” remembers being called and threatened by lawyer Michael Cohen. Ron Slay’s polygraph indicated that Clifford’s statements about the affair were truthful.

Ron Slay the owner of Western Security Consultants was said Daniels took the lie detector test for Bauer Publishing,  Life & Style magazine. But they never ran the story. In January Bauer’s In Touch Weekly published  “Stormy Daniels’ Explosive Full Interview on Donald Trump Affair: “I Can Describe His Junk Perfectly.”. Later Slay said he sold the videotape of the polygraph Daniel’s lawyer, Michael Avenatti for $25,000

Michael Cohen would pay Daniels $130,000 in October 2016 to sign a non disclosure, a month before the election. What is evident was that Trump had many skeletons in his closet and his strategy was to attack even if it meant inventing or exaggerating dirt on his opponent. The affair would reappear in 2018 as a scandal even though the original  InTouch interview was seven years old.

 Sidney Leathers

On November 7, 2012, the day Obama was reelected as Presidtan,  the election former congressman Anthony Weiner went on twitter and tweeted for the first time in a year and a half. Almost instantly Donald Trump tweeted;

Pervert alert. @RepWeiner is back on twitter. All girls under the age of 18, block him immediately.”

Trump was no stranger to sleaze. Leathers was not the shy political groupie Weiner thought she was. According to texts exchanged between work mate Lou Colagiovanni and the 23 year old over a four months between April 12, 2013  and just one month before the news broke, she confided to a friend that not only was she charging “sugar daddy” a $1000 for sex.  According to texts published by the Daily Mail, Leathers comes off as quite experienced and comfortable chatting with older men online and in person and charging some money for sexual favors. What is notable is that on April, 12, 2013, Leathers told Colagiovanni that somebody had found out about her online relationship with Weiner and was threatening to blackmail her. Was this a hack?  Weiner was running for Mayor and her initial concern about being exposed suddenly became a concerted effort to expose him.

Leathers reached out to Hooman Karamian aka Nic Ritchie, the owner of a Scottsdale, AZ based scandal blog called “The Dirty”.the editor of one of her favorite scandal sites, “The Dirty”. A site used to expose bad behaviors of ex’s and current lovers, ideally with embarrassing photos, usually for money. She didn’t expect the answer:  Pics or it didn’t happen.

On June 27, 2013 23-year old Leathers contacted Ritchie again, she said  she had incriminating photos of Weiner. A man who insisted he had changed his ways after his 2011 sexting disaster. Weiner’s high profile run for mayor featured appearances with his wife Huma Abedin who made statements like ““Anthony has spent every day since [the scandal] trying to be the best dad and husband he can be”. Ritchie wasn’t that interested until she sent in pics. Leathers was angry and finally sent proof.on the 23rd.

Ritchie set Leathers up with his agent Gina Rodriquez at GR Media. Rodriquez had specialized in fringe porn and D-listers like Octomom, Mama June Nadya Suleman and Lindsay Lohan’s father, Michael. who then pitched her to Inside Edition who paid her for an exclusive interview on July 25, 2013. Her hack was all about the money, branding herself a social activist she went after Weiner in the media as he had preyed on her.

Although “the Dirty” heavily blurred the photos, geeks at Buzzfeed quickly found the original photos on the internet. By July 31 she was outed.

On July 31, 2013, Chuck C. Johnson busy exposing every aspect of the 2011 event to sync with the mayoral race in New York while writing for The Daily Caller.

Weiner had been potentially catfished as early as 2011 when false personas named “Betty” and “Veronica”. Sydney Leathers was just one of ten women “Carlos Danger” liked to chat with. In reality, and according to his own confessions, Anthony carried on hundreds of conversations with women. All of them.

Meagan Broussard

Breitbart had been accused of going after Weiner ever since he scored a scoop by publishing Wiener’s May 27, 2011 screen shot of his erect penis while wearing tightey whiteys on his BigGovernment site. A place where Charles Johnson began contributing to Breitbart in February 8, 2010 while attending college at private liberal arts Claremont Mckenna. He began targeting Weiner on June 2 of 2011 starting off his piece about the hacking of Weiner’s email account.

But there were two women. Breitbart was terrified that if Weiner were to go to forensics experts or the FBI he could cast doubt on the veracity of the pics. But Breitbart had been tossed another lifeline and after spending the weekend desperately trying to contact her, he hit pay dirt. He then built a rapid fire PR assault with Broussard using ABC news as the keystone appearance to give him credibility. Most of the media did not distinguish between  the hacked photo that was reset to post as public and the genuine photos provided by Broussard.

Meagan immediately began making the media circuit including ABC News paying to “license” her photos.

Andrew Breitbart

Breitbart even went on Hannity to say how he felt he was under attack by left wing bloggers “when these ideas get out in there in the media, you have to fight back or they become the truth, even if they are not truthful”  He is discussing four photos taken from Weiner’s photo files without actually explaining the provenance of how he got them.

He rattled off the list of photos he had “the underwear, the wedding ring, kitty cats at home, the shirts off in the next one the other one is naked shot. The one he won’t release is considered “pornographic” . These are the PatriotUSA76 supplied photos. Images supplied by @goatsred not the female in question.

In a bizarre use of logic, Breitbart tells Hannity, “I am not enjoying the salacious aspect” Breitbart says, “had I not shown those photos, he would continued down a campaign of smearing me”

“I know how politics work, I know how the politics of personal destruction works. Don’t go after Meagan.. don’t go after the other girls.”

How did Breitbart get the image that launched his career?  As he tells it in his book Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World (Grand Central Publishing, 2012,  it was a Saturday and….

“As the sun began to set at the start of a weekend meant to delineate spring from summer, (Memorial Day Weekend) I asked my wife if she’d like me to open up a bottle of white wine. No sooner had I opened the bottle of Chardonnay and poured two glasses, standing at our kitchen island, then I began multitasking, refreshing my Twitter stream on my iPad. It was at that moment that the best-laid vacation plans of mice and men ended, and my recommitment to the story began four days ahead of schedule.

Huh, I thought, what’s this?

Someone, using the Twitter handle PatriotUSA76, had re-tweeted an alleged tweet of sitting congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY). The message included a link to an image, which I immediately clicked.

 Gennette Nicole Cordova

That woman was a 21 year old student from Bellingham Washington Gennette Nicole Cordova. Cordova lays out a very different scenario in her May 29, 2011 statement to the Daily News.  She says she checked in to her Twitter account on a Friday eventing and found obscene photos with her name linked to them. They were not from Anthony Weiner, they were from a group that harassed her. “Since I had dealt with this person and his cohorts before I assumed that the tweet and the picture were their latest attempts at defaming the Congressman and harassing his supporters.” She blocked them, turned her page “private” and assumed the prank was over. It wasn’t. she came under unrelenting attack for the next 36 hours as she was attacked, insulted, her personal information spread around and accused of being Weiner’s mistress.  In other words she was set up. In her summing up of the event, “There have never been any inappropriate exchanges between Anthony Weiner and myself, including the tweet/picture in question, which had apparently been deleted before it reached me. I cannot answer the questions that I do not have the answers to.”

Her underage friends had also been targeted. Something that slo slips between the reporting cracks.Not by Weiner but by individuals looking to get a pornographic photo from Weiner’s ImageShack account onto followers phones and computers.  Something Breitbart never mentioned then or in his book. In a stunning lapse of clear reporting, the young women had never seen the photographs sent to Breitbart.  Her comments about the photo after she was told about it were used to act as confirmation that she had received it. She had been hacked.

Meagan Broussard

What saved Breitbart’s ass was Meagan Broussard.

That woman turned out to be Meagan Broussard, a 26-year old single mother from Texas. She clicked “Like” on his Facebook page on April 20, 2011 and said he looked “hottt” in a YouTube video. He replied back on Facebook Chat. For a month they swapped photos on Facebook and Weiner sent his photos via and until May 18, when she got an erect penis shot with the last communication on May 27, at 4:21pm East coast time.  It is worth noting that all AOL user accounts had been breached in August of 2006 by a publication of search terms that had been mirrored and distributed. In an attempt to provide data to scientists, AOL provided data from their 650,000 AOL users with the names removed, but ample information for hackers to recreate user’s identities.

Let’s continue with Breitbart’s recollection

“Nine days beforehand, we had received an e-mail tip from a gentleman in Texas who claimed to have compromising photographs and communications between a single mother in Texas and Congressman Weiner.  In any event, the source spoke to (Joel B.) Pollak once but never followed up with him. In truth, we probably would have forgotten about it had PatriotUSA76 not re-tweeted Weiner’s original tweet that Friday night.

This puts a very different spin on the innocent way Breitbart came to come into the possession of Anthony Weiner’s personal photos. Even his ace in teh hole was not from the actual woman involved but by a go between who was desperately trying to salvage the   skanky provenance of the first photos provided form USAPatriot76

But Weiner very nearly got away with it. Without further evidence except his own self-destructive interviews, the story could not move forward. For the next few days, the media began asking about PatriotUSA76 and the sources of the original story. Even though Weiner was clearly in implosion mode, the mystery of what really happened on Friday night, May 27,  was still a hot topic in the blogosphere, and even in my own camp. While Lee Stranahan, Patterico (Patrick Frey), and LibertyChick (Mandy Nagy) tried to figure out who PatriotUSA76 was, I was more focused on a much bigger fish: Megan Broussard, the woman in Texas whose friend tipped us eight days before the congressman’s now-infamous tweet.

When I first spoke with Megan Broussard’s friend on Saturday, May 28,

Saturday May 28, was the exact same morning as when Breitbart received the emails from USAPatriot76. What exactly are the odds of two agents having compromising pics of Weiner on the exact save Memorial Day Weekend?

To get some insight on how fast the spin doctors work, on 11:49 am PDT that same Saturday, May 28 the Daily Kos was already sandbagging in preparation for a propaganda fight. The Ministry of Truth posted a headline “Brietbart to use SEX SMEAR on Rep Anthony Weiner UPDATEX2: Easily Debunked FRAUD EPIC FAIL”Breitbart was called a”serial liar and corporate hack” and were accused of ” another Shirley Sherrod”  and “ACORN” type con. Breitbart had been accused of editing Rural Development head, Sherrod’s speech to appear racist and had also created fictional characters to apply for government housing assistance as pimp and prostitute. They offered digital forensics as proof that Breitbart had doctored the screed shot of Weiner’s underwear.

Dan Wolfe

Let’s create a secondary narrative to Breitbart’s convenient re-ordering of events. PatriotUSA76 was a right wing of Dan Wolfe. Wolfe had been tweeting as far back as May 12, 2011  that a “top5 RightWing blogger has sexscandal pics” of Weiner.

Remember that name Dan Wolfe and more importantly his partner, 39-year old New Jersey resident, Mike Stack. It was actually Stack that started the ball rolling on May 5 when he tweeted as @goatsred  that a big time congressman was about to be involved in a sex scandal. He attributed that information to a person named Dan Wolfe. Wolfe…according to the Smoking Gun, told Stack that he had heard the rumor from a source who worked for a well-known conservative web site.”

Now we have come full circle. The Weiner pics originated with “a conservative web site” not sold or leaked to it.

“Wolfe” as PatriotUSA76 began to tweet “via@goatsred” on May 5, that the Congressman was Anthony Weiner and did it again on May 12.  This is a full fifteen days before the May 27 tweet sent from Weiner of the grey underwear/erection photo sent to a 21-year-old college student in Washington state. We are to believe that that tweet was spotted on Friday by PatriotUSA76 aka Wolfe aka Mike aka @goardsred and then on the next day brought to the attention of BigGovernment editor Andrew Breitbart while he was sipping Chardonnay at his LA home getting ready to decamp to the desert for the long weekend.

Despite sending Breitbart a tweet at  4:16 AM (Eastern, 7:16AM Pacific) he refused to speak to Breitbart. He did email (not tweet) 6 jpgs of screen shots from a photo hosting site called yfrog. Remember these are what he calls “screen caps” which are from the phone of the person getting the photos and communications, but the other photos are from Weiner’s password protected yfrog site. Using a security hole, a hacker can reset the privacy settings on the ImageShack photo storage site to automatically post photos from yfrog. A vulnerability that affected 50 million monthly users, was pointed out on June 1

Wolfe’s reluctance to actually speak with Breitbart surfaced only hours after he had emailed the conservative blogger a series of screen captures that he “took live” . Wolfe’s e-mail to Breitbart was sent at  and included six .jpg images. His e-mail to Breitbart concluded, “We have more.” It is worth remember that hacking is against the law.

The yfrog emails accounts were automatically generated Yfrog’s automatically generated using words of the same length and the did not require a confirmation using another email address, ideal for a brute force attack in which software can try millions of words until they hit pay dirt.   Stranger was Brietbarts attempt to contact and confirm the photos before his 2pm publication deadline:

Come out, come out wherever you are ‘Dan Wolfe’ @patriotUSA76! Stop hiding behind anonymity! Own up to your role & motivation.


Is there a real ‘Dan Wolfe’ @PatriotUSA76 or has someone for months elaborately pretended to be? #Weinergate gets more confusing!


Lookin’ for some clarifying data from @patriotusa76. Call me. I’m listed. Article coming by 2pm EDT @BigGovt

The fear was that perhaps Breitbart was being set up by Democrats just as he set up Democrats.

On Monday May 30, at 12:25 pm   “Dan Wolfe”suddenly appeared by email to lay out a laundry list of personal problems and why he didn’t want to talk on the phone.

Breitbart Ascendent

A June 6, 2011 at a bizarre press conference intended to allow Weiner to make a statement, was hacked by Andrew Breitbart who learned of the event and walked over.

While answering questions and defending himself, Breitbart went live. The media was not that interested in the war of left vs right on the internet. Catfishing, spoofing, ghosting, spearphising, doxing, outing, sock puppeting, swarming, shaming or even the strategy of bloggers linking together to flood the search engines to game google searches was not really on their radar. The rise of the right wing blogosphere was viewed with some suspicion. Brieibart knew just how crazy the extreme left was.

Then there was the radical left. A group of people who saw what was being doing to Weiner by the right wing and would go as far as to threaten and then SWAT,  right wing bloggers and instigators like Mike Stack, who they blamed for setting up and taking down Weiner. Blogger Patterico, a deputy prosecutor in Los Angeles was treated by email, then by phone and then SWATed on July 1, 2011. He blamed a cabal of left wingers Ron Brynaert, Neal Rauhauser, and Brett Kimberlin for his harassment.

When Weiner weiner showd up 15 minutes later he confessed to sending a photo “last Friday night”to a supporter in Seattle but in his very public mea culpa, he said  “once I had realized I had posted it to Twitter, I panicked and took it down and said that I had been hacked”. He insisted he would not resign. Weiner was not innocent, he also admitted to inappropriate online conversations with 6 women over the last three years but he had been tricked. He just couldn’t put his finger on how.

AT 4:46 Weiner says something that will bite him, his wife and Hillary Clinton in the ass years later  “My Blackberry is not a government Blackberry, my home computer is usually where I did these things.”

Weiner resigned from congress after the Breitbart publication on June 16 of that year.

Weiner had been told a week earlier that his Twitter account had been hacked. Additionally the metadata does not match other photos pulled from the YFrog site used by Weiner. Weiner was conducting risqué chats with women, and Weiner did not pursue law enforcement actions that might have vindicated him but someone was clearly messing with Clinton associate Anthony Weiner while Weiner was messing around.   This in the business is known as the “Honey Trap” using sex or the promise of sex to lure targets into trouble or providing information. In this case Weiner provided the access to Hillary Clinton’s emails kept on his laptop and used by his wife.

Weiner’s obscene Tweets had been initially captured and nailed by Breitbart in May 27, 2011. Weiner insisted the photos which did not show his face, were faked and that he was the victim of a hoax. Later he admitted it was his photo but that the picture of his screen shot was faked. None of Weiner’s 45,000 followers managed to save a screen shot.

That hack was about politics.

Betty and Veronica

June 3 2011, right after Weiner’ press conference, there are attempts to scam Wiener and Breitbart with  “Betty and Veronica”. A scam in which the young girls turned out to be real but never followed or communicated with Wiener. Coincidently these were also west coast residents. The New York Times dug into the complex story.   The short version is that the mother of two underage girls provided a fake California driver’s license, blamed Andrew Brietbart and editor Dana Loesch

A group of “conservatives” called #were found to be catfishing Weiner, pretending to be underage women. They created two false identities on Twitter to gather information against him. One Twitter user labeled @starchild111 pretended to be a 16-year-old girl named “Nikki Reid” was created in September of 2011, and invited Weiner to be her prom date. Another false account was created under the name Marianela Alicea and she pretending to be a classmate at Hollywood High School. A third person claiming to be the mother of Nikki Reid provided a fake driver’s license and bad address to a media blog to convince journalists that she was real.

“During the latter two Skype sessions, on February 18 and 23, 2016, and in a Snapchat communication on March 9, the defendant used graphic and obscene language to ask the Minor Victim to display her naked body and touch herself, which she did.”  Wiener also used an app called Confide.

In 2011, a young Chik Fil-et employee told Chuck C. Johnson a story.  “BroGrammer” Pax Dickinson was Johnson’s business partner in WeSearchr created in February 8, 2016 to monetize tips on news. “WeSearchr is an online information marketplace that crowdsources funds for desired information bounties” Their first customer appeared to Peter Theil with $50,000 bounty for information on Gawker’s Nick Denton and 10,000 for Gawker Plagiarism.

Sydney Leathers Redux

In January of 2015, Weiner started texting another woman. A well-built 40-year-old on the west coast. He barely saw his wife as she juggled book appearances, Clinton’s speeches, Clinton Foundation messes,  the upcoming campaign run President in May and her own PR to make her one of the jetset.

On April 16, 2015 Charles C. Johnson launched a fundraiser called Clinton Secret Oppo Project to take down Hillary Clinton. Johnson proclaimed that “for the past three years my team and I have been researching Hillary Clinton and we have a lead on a game-changing story.” The month before the FBI had met with Clinton and warned her about the vulnerability of her server and URL.

A month after Clinton announced her run for President, on June 14, Weiner sent an almost identical crotch shot to the woman but included his young son in the photo.

On August 3, 2015 at 8:50am Donald Trump tweets “It came out that Huma Abedin knows all about Hillary’s private illegal emails. Huma’s PR husband, Anthony Weiner, will tell the world.

Guccifer 2.0

A year later on March 10, 2016  the first attempts to phish the DNC begin by what was labeled as a Russian backed operation called Guccifer 2.0. It started small and most were long shuttered accounts from Clinton’s campaign in 2008. The next day they managed to get access to new emails and they were in.   Between the 22nd and the 25th of March Huma Abedin’s computer and other senior communications team members were targeted.

It wasn’t just Democrats, Forensics show that hackers were targeting hundreds of Gmail email addresses in 19 countries. Not only were they hacking but they took the unusual step of dumping the information into the public realm. Something penny pinching hackers don’t do without getting paid.

On April 12, 2016 an attempt to set up a secure host from Romanian company, cost $37 in bitcoin. After the payment didn’t go through for, a week the customer fixed it and chose DCLeaks as the URL. The search for Clinton Dirt took on strange twist. Russians and middlemen kept popping up in front of Trump people insisting they had the “Dirt”.

It was April 26th that Joseph Mifsud, a Maltese Director of the University of Stirling’s London Academy of Diplomacy told George Papadopoulos in London that he had “Clinton Dirt”. Papadopoulos had joined the Trump campaign as a foreign policy advisor in March and was looking to follow up on the campaign managers platform of better relationships with Russia. He first meets Mifsud in Italy on March 14, and they attempt to set up a trip to Russia. Ten days later they meet in London with a women introduced as “Putin’s niece” They meet again for breakfast on the 26th in London. the general back and forth is focused on setting up a trip for Trump to meet Putin.

In late May of 2016, Roger Stone met with a Russian named“Henry Greenberg” in Florida after Greenberg offered Clinton Dirt in exchange for two million dollars. Greenberg was actually Henry Oknyansky, a long time FBI informant. Oknyansky denied he was working for the FBI and counter to Stone’s version, he said he brought along “Alexei” described as a Ukrainian and former Clinton Foundation staffer and that it was Alexei who asked for the money.  The Clinton Foundation denies they had any such person working for them.

On Tuesday, June 14, the DNC announced their email system had been hacked. The next day Guccifer 2.0 send a sample of documents to the legal doc site The Smoking Gun with the Boris Badenov sounding note ““This is Guccifer 2.0 and this is me who hacked Democratic National Committee.” The hackers would add the word CONFIDENTIAL to some emails.

By July the FBI got wind that an American was helping Russian intelligenceinfluence the election. That person was George Papadopoulos and he was on the Trump foreign policy team. He would lieabout the professor and the niece in his January 27, 2017 interview to the FBI. He also forgets that he documented his meetings on Facebook which he does not shut down until after his second interview with the FBI on February 16, 2017. In keeping with the concept of an October surprise, the Obama administration did not release their findings until October 7,

A haphazard leak of AP estimated 150,000 documents from Guccifer 2.0 blog, the DCLeaks site and finally on July 22, WikiLeaks.

On June 9, 2016 a meeting in the Trump Tower Russia meeting was set between Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, Rinat Akhmetshin  and Donald Trump Jr., Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner. Veselnitskaya was supposed to be in the U.S. on a legal case regarding sanctions but got the meeting by promising “Clinton Dirt”. She didn’t bring up emails at the meetings but discussed dropping sanctions. Natalia Veselnitskaya had been in DC working  with Paul Behrends and Dana Rohrabacher to promote an anti Magnitsky film. Something that had apparently been set up when Behrends and Rohrabacher were in Russia. More on that later.

Rohrabacher and Behrend

There is an assumption in the media that Mifsud and Veselnitskaya are trying to sell or barter “Clinton Dirt” meaning the hacks from Podesta and the DNC. They began to be downloaded on the 19th of that same month but there is no evidence that they are the same. It is clear that Russian wanted Obama imposed sanctions lifted and were eager to help Trump. This enthusiasm also spun on another axle, the idea that Russia could be convinced to move away from Assad ally in Syria and let the US and Israel war against Iran.

On August 14, 2016, Stone contacts Guccifer 2.0 via his website; ““Please ask Assange for any State or HRC e-mail from August 10 to August 30. particularly on August 20, 2011″ Stone bragged that he was in contact with Assange and in private messages toadied up to hacker Wikileaks. Nothing.

Who were these damn Russians and why the hell did they keep offering Clinton Dirt?

It began with Erik Prince’s former employer and close friend former California politician and Reagan speechwriter Dana Rohrbacher. Prince had interned for Dana in the 90’s and had hired Rohrabachers aide Paul Behrends.

Two months before the Trump Tower meeting, Dana Rohrabacher and long-time Erik Prince employee/friend/lobbyist Paul Behrends went on a trip to Moscow between August 4 and August 8th2016.  There they met with Vladimir Yakunin, a member of Putin’s inner circle and one of the Russians sanctioned after the invasion of Crimea. Victor Grin, an aide to Russian prosecutor general Yuri Chaika and others that were described as FSB agents by the US State Department and Embassy security. The Russians handed Rohrabacher a folder marked “Confidential” with evidence against Magnitsky. Their goal was to get sanctions lifted in the US. They also met with Natalia Veselnitskaya…in April 2016according to Veselnitskaya, five months before Rohrabacher and Behrends’ official trip in August and more than a year before the Trump meeting in June.

Veselnitskaya told a Russian television interviewer, “So, the first meeting was in the spring of 2016 here in Moscow with the head of the Subcommittee of the International Committee of the House of Representatives of the US Congress with Dana Rohrabacher. And with the members of his team who accompanied him. So, we talked with him, I explained to him what, in fact, happened, in our opinion, taking into account the evidence that we have. And I asked only one thing – that if it is, interesting for your committee, we are ready to come to you, give evidence, present all the evidence, and that’s it. We would just like to initiate an investigation procedure in the Congress of these circumstances. At the same time, Dana Rohrabacher was given a film by Andrei Nekrasov.”

That anti sanctions film would be the center point of Rohrabacher and Behrends mid-June 2016 DC Russian sanctions bustingdog and pony. Veselnitskaya , the original star of the Russian grand tour at first insisted she was related to promoting the reinstatement for adoption of Russian babies stopped after the sanctions but in fact was the lawyer for the FSB….Russia’s Federal Security Service when she operated as Kamerton Consulting, from 2005 to 2013.

One of the other people the dynamic duo met in Russia in 2016 was Russian spy Maria Butina. Butina was a Russian gun advocate who was caught using the NRA (now run by Olly North) as conduit for secret Russian government communications and perhaps for Russian funding of Trump election activity.  Rohrabacher and Behrends were also photographed in Berlin with anti Magnitsky filmmaker and a host of Russians involved in what the FBI describes as collusion and the same crowd along with Erik Prince and his family all are photographed attended Rohrabacher’s inaugural ball at the libray in DC.

After the media caught wind of this Russian boondoggling. Paul Behrends was fired and Rohrabacher moved him out of the lime light into a staff position.

But there was another target in the cross hairs. In December of 2016 Erik Prince was seen waiting to meet Trump carrying his famous large shiny briefcase at the Trump Tower bar it is one of at least two times he has met Trump and his team.

I had met Johnson at Erik Prince’s home in August of 2011 along with Oliver North, Victoria Toensing and Paul Behrends. They were all concerned about how they could affect the upcoming election. Prince with his then unpublished book. Johnson was just out of school and considered but a bright, but troublesome student. He went to work at Breitbart and would circle the Democrats like a shark. Dirty tricks were his game and it appeared he had no shame in pitching ideas to whoever listened. He told people that his main stock in trade was oppo research and even called it Charles C. Johnson Research.It was at that meeting that I was asked to help fix Prince’s manuscript. It was bad. Badly plagiarized lift from Joby Warrick of the Washington Post, basic google level backgrounders and clumsily injected slanders of those that Prince felt had done him wrong. I hired a fact checker to fix the mess and when I began writing in earnest, Prince refused to change a number of knowingly false entries. I moved on but Prince sued me to hide the original contents of that book. Contents that would contradict a federal weapons case that directly implicated Prince. A case which was only resolved after Prince and his lawyer David Boies had two CIA agents write letters seven years after the fact.

““The campaign had no contact with Russian officials,” said Hope Hicks said in November. But she was lying. The Moscow Project, estimates over 82 contacts between just Trump campaign staff and Russian designated entities despite numerous vociferous denial from Trump’ camp.

Much has been said about the media’s coverage of Trump and Russia, while virtually none has bothered to discuss Hillary Clinton and Russia. Vladimir Putin hated Hillary Clinton. Clinton took it upon herself as Secretary of State to actually point out the horrible human rights violations, crooked system and rigged elections in Russia that returned Putin to power for the third time. In 2011 Clinton was accused by Putin of causing unrest in Russia and stating the parliamentary elections were rigged and called for a full investigation. Russian media and even the Golos election watchdog site found themselves under attack from hackers. Not surprisingly a series of attacks on Clinton’s email servers began, a coincidence but in hindsight not a very difficult one to figure out. Beginning in 2011, Hillary Clinton was one of Putin’s least favorite people.  Even going as far as saying that her adventuringinLibya was akin to a Christian Crusade. Clinton’s written opinionon Putin as she moved on in 2013 was simple “Snub him”.

+ + +

At 8:50am on August 3, 2015 then Presidential contender Donald Trump sent a tweet.

“It came out that Huma Abedin knows all about Hillary’s private illegal emails. Huma’s PR husband, Anthony Weiner will tell the world.”

On August 31, Trump tweets again.

“Huma Abedin, the top aide to Hillary Clinton and the wife of perv sleazebag Anthony Wiener, was a major security risk as a collector of info”

This hack is different from the DNC hack, the attack on Abedin’s computer appeared to be a catfish attack in which a hacker adopted the personas of Betty and Veronica to plant underage photos of themselves on Abedin’s laptop via Wiener’s shared usage of it. Rather than go into the complicated process of engineered stings, the black op conspired to put illegal child pornography on Abedin’s laptop, use the NYPD (which investigated underage sex crimes) to seize the laptop because of those photos and then accidentally discover Clinton’s missing emails on the same laptop hard drive. Now if that is though through the New York prosecutors’ investigation into allegations that Weiner had sexted with an underage girl should have nothing to do with classified emails or political games in the case of pedophilia.

On October 28, 2016 the New York Times carried the storyof Comey’s letter announcing his decision to reopen the investigation into Hillary’s emails Abedin/Wiener emails after 650,000 emails were found.


On September 22, 2016 Preet Bahara in the New York U.S. Attorney’s office issued subpoenas for Anthony Wiener’s electronic devices.

Bahara and NYPD detectives and the Manhattan District Attorney’s office also confirmed to the New York Post that they were investigating Weiner.  The core of the announcement was “The NYPD’s Special Victims Unit is investigating the matter after a 15-year-old high-school student released a trove of sick texts and photos she allegedly received from the disgraced politician.”

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